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French Drain

French Drain

Are you seeing some standing water within your yard area? Does it take unusually longer for water to pass through the drain? Aside from this unsightly mess, pooling water can also become tremendous hazards, especially to your children who love goofing off on your lawn. Let Tyler Sprinkler help you with this problem.

A drainage system is an essential aspect of your home’s landscaping design, but sadly, it’s also something that’s often overlooked by many homeowners. Basically, the drainage system is responsible for averting excess water away from your lawn and landscape to keep the grass healthy and thriving. Overwatering, for that matter, can cause the soil to become too soggy, eventually damaging, or worse, killing the grass.

We, at Tyler Sprinkler, understand that each home requires a specific design for a drainage system, depending on the area of the yard and the intensity of the water problem. A downhill landscape, for instance, may only need gravitational force to divert water. Others may require a sump pump. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have acquired the proper skills, knowledge, tools, and methods to provide our clients with quality drainage systems – all within a very competitive pricing range. We are the local Sprinkler System and drainage provider.

What happens when you have standing water on the lawn?

  • It can cause accidents, especially to little children playing on the yard.

  • It can potentially damage or kill grass and other plants.

  • It can cause or increase mosquito infestation in your home, leading to serious illnesses.

  • It can cause soil erosion.

  • It can cause bacteria and organism growth on the grass itself.

  • It can cause flooding in the long run.

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Drainage System

What are the benefits of a drainage system?

It prevents damage on your property.

You already know that standing water can cause overwatering of the lawn. This relatively makes the soil and grass soggy, wet, and never a pleasant sight. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Over time, water can seep through the cracks on your walls and floor, damaging the foundation of your home. Flooding may also occur, especially during a severe storm in your area. Only a drainage system can contain excess water to prevent further damage on your property.

It prevents soil erosion.

During heavy rains, and without the benefit of a drainage system, the soil in your lawn can get shifted to other areas of the yard, eventually causing a huge soil displacement. This shifting is what we call soil erosion. Over time, soil erosion can damage the landscaping design, not to mention, the health of the grass. A drainage system is your most efficient solution to make sure that soil erosion is avoided.

It impedes the formation of standing water.

With standing water comes several nuisances – mosquitoes, possible accidents, bacteria growth – these and more are potential threats to you, your family, and even the community. Another downside? You won’t have that beautiful and green lawn, too. With a proper drainage system, you can prevent all these things from happening.  Call Tyler Sprinkler today for help with a new Drainage System, or Sprinkler Repair.

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Drainage System

Drainage Installation

If you’re experiencing standing water all the time, it’s best that you contact a drainage system service provider as soon as possible. As a family-owned establishment, we, at Tyler Sprinkler, provide our clients with superior customer service coupled with top-of-the-line products and services – the same ones that we give to our family.

We install all types of drainage systems, including solid drains for sump pump discharge and French drains that uses perforated pipes in the trench drains. Before we do the installation process, our skilled technicians will take a thorough inspection of your property so we can ensure electrical and cable safety first. Over the years, we have the acquired the proper methodology and the right technical skills to determine what needs to be done, what requires to be fixed, and what solution we can provide as soon as possible.

How much will a drainage system cost you?

Installation costs are based on the size of the yard, the design best-suited to your property, and the amount of damage caused by long-standing water in your yard. With all these considerations, you may think that installing a drainage system is a costly task, but it’s actually not. Tyler Sprinkler gives you superior service quality at very competitive rates, without hidden charges.

Let Tyler Sprinkler help you achieve that dreamy lawn you’ve been wanting for so long, without a single glitch. With years of remarkable experience, we can provide you with a quality drainage system to essentially protect your home and property. Call us now so we can schedule an appointment right away. Remember that we do Sprinkler Systems and Sprinkler Installation.

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